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Created 2018-12-10
Owner ahwhglass
Title Materials and color
Description In order to scale back the weight, the sunshade representative is preferably light in weight. The sunshade members can be exposed to the outdoors, exposed to the sun and rain, and usually are easily damaged, so the materials are strong along with durable. If the sunshade can be mobile, it is light source and flexible for adjusting or removal. The outer surface from the material has a modest absorption coefficient for energy radiant heat, and the correct shading material can be selected according to the above requirements as well as the actual situation. The color of that shaded components also applies to the insulation effect. Taking the venetian blinds installed into the glass curtain wall as an example, the shading coefficients of dark, intermediate, and light are: 86%, 74%, in addition to 62%, respectively. White will be 24% less dark. So they can improve the reflection of the surface and reduce the absorption, the side with the sunshade facing the sunlight need to be a light-colored color, while around the back side of sunshine, it should be the dark matt color to avoid glare. double glazed windows External and bodily shading In general, a horizontal sun visor with an outdoor south elevation angle of 45° can easily cover 68% of photovoltaic radiant heat. The awnings, such as curtains in addition to soft slats installed within the window, absorb the majority of the solar radiant heat, and many are radiated to this indoor air. The sun visor installed on the exterior absorbs the radiant temperature, and most of it's radiated to the out-of-doors air, thus reducing the influence around the indoor temperature. Therefore, the employment of external sunshade (sun visor) is an effective way to save energy inside buildings. Intelligent design of the shading system. Many of what's so great about the sunshade system are ignored or simply used as a decoration with the building. We believe that that intelligent shading system is an integral part of the building intelligent system. The shading system was made to improve the indoor environment. Today, a new type with intelligent glass curtain wall technology is developed in Western Europe countries including Germany and in the uk. The intelligent glass curtain wall has a glass curtain wall, your ventilation system, an air-con system environmental detection system, and an automatic building control system. The core in the technology is a particular curtain wall-hot channel drape wall with different regular curtain wall. Its biggest feature is that a ventilation layer is actually formed between the internal and outer curtain partitions, due to the flow or circulation of air within the ventilation layer. The effect is that the temperature of the interior curtain wall is close to the indoor temperature, and the temperature difference is decreased, so that it has saved me 42%-52% of energy weighed against the traditional curtain wall heating, and saves 38%-60% regarding energy during cooling. Including daylight control devices (such as louvers, light reflectors, heat reflectors, etc. ) on the air cavity can meet the requirements of natural ventilation and natural daylighting belonging to the building. In addition, from the use of double-layer curtain wall, the sound insulation effect from the entire curtain wall is greatly improved.
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