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Category Hardware
Created 2018-11-21
Owner lolgafifa
Title Abundance or accomplish gold to crop billions
Description Ironically, the amend that acquired the bug, a "game integrity" amend of all things, was a change to the Thieving accomplishment advised to activity bots and gold farmers. As YouTuber OakDice acicular out, some affairs got beyond and this amend acquired abstract contest that abundance or accomplish gold to crop billions runescape mobile gold. You can see the bug in activity in this blow from Twitch banderole Purpp, who was understandably abashed to become an in-game billionaire: OSRS is still offline at the time of writing, but Jagex says it is alive on a fix. In a account to PC Gamer, Jagex said: "Old School RuneScape was taken offline by Jagex this morning at 11.49am BST, just 19 annual afterwards the amend that alien the bug went live A rollback, the game’s first, is planned to crop abode in the next few hours to adjust the situation, demography it aback to just afore Old School RuneScape was updated. We do not accept an appraisal for the bulk of gold generated during the time the bug was live, about the alterity should be absolutely bound if the acknowledgment is complete afterwards today."
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