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Description The sixth chakra is called the third eye chakra and it is situated in the middle of the forehead connectingthe eyebrows. In ancient Sanskrit Air Max 95 Sale Outlet , it is signified by the indigo Ajna mandala which translates as “command center”. Its energy bequeaths us with the paranormal ability of clairvoyance, a higher sensory perception to “see” events and images affecting the past, present, or future. The ajna chakra allows us to “remote view” other places or people without physically being there. When the ajna chakra is blocked, it will affect the physical body through lack of concentration, headaches, confusion, psychological disorders Air Max 90 Sale Outlet , anxiety, and panic attacks. We will be pushovers, allow other people to walk all over us, take advantage of us, and may not feel ourselves to be deserving of success in our own right. On the physical side, the third eye chakra deficient individual may suffer from headaches, eye problems, vision problems Air Max 1 Sale Outlet , brain tumors, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, tumors and seizures. This unbalanced state will not permit you to enjoy the full experience of life and healthy relationship with the outside world. The imbalanced third eye chakra will preclude us from seeing things that are right in front of us, such as solutions to our problems or challenges. In simpler terms, we will be in denial of reality, suppressing what needs to be addressed, and live our lives being continually deceived by others. Subsequently Air Max Sale Outlet , our lives may become disorganized. Co-dependency on other people may be a problem and we will either hop from one miserable relationship to another, or we will stay inflexibly attached to an abusive relationship for a very long period of time. When the third eye chakra is healed, however, we will be able to see 360 degrees in all directions, figuratively speaking. We will have foresight, insight, and high-powered insight into people, issues Nike Air Max 95 Mens Sale , and events. We will know what to do, the right way to do it, and the perfect time to do it in. It’s as if we become perfectly aligned with the universe’s will. Our intuitive powers are greatly enhanced and we will be able to see things before they occur. An individual with a balanced ajna chakra clearly knows where he or she is going. There is an experience of higher awareness. This is why this chakra is affiliated with intuition, action on ideas, wisdom and intelligence. The physical traits typically demonstrate good health in those areas being governed. A clear and balanced ajna chakra bequeaths us with creative imagination, visualization, and innovation. Our concentrative powers are greatly enhanced. The left brain becomes synchronized with the right brain. Additionally, we don’t allow others to push us around Nike Air Max 90 Mens Sale , and we draw a line in the sand where no one is allowed to cross. We are no longer dependent on others to support us either financially or emotionally. We are self reliant Unblocking devices to help realign the third eye chakra include lying flat and placing a crystal over the third eye. Visualize indigo light or flame whilst meditating can also help open up this chakra. Herbs for healing are: sandalwood, elecampane, echinacea, eggplant, and ginseng. Healing aromatherapy include: gardenia, lavender, and rosemary. Healing incenses are: sandalwood, mugwort Nike Air Max 1 Mens Sale , star anise, saffron and acacia. Healing crystals: lapis lazuli, azurite, fluorite, sodalite, quartz crystal, sapphire and indicolite tourmaline. Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a alternative Wellness Coach who founded Sunlighten and also co-founded Sunlight Day Spa; two holistic health companies devoted to infrared heat therapy, sound therapy Nike Air Max Mens Sale , and massage therapy. His particular Wellness Coaching practice incorporates infrared sauna purification, upper cervical care, and adhering to an alkaline-forming, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich, starch-free diet. MADRID, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- Atletico Madrid will be without the service of striker Mario Mandzukic for at least two weeks after it was confirmed that the Croatian international broke a nose during his side's 3-2 Champions League defeat to Olympiacos on Tuesday night. The striker undergoes an operation to set the bone, which was broken when he contested an aerial ball with Olympiacos defender Kasami Air Max 95 Mens Sale , who hit him with an elbow in the jump. He needed several minutes' attention on the field as he was bleeding heavily from the impact, but continued playing until the final whistle despite ending the match with cotton wool jammed into his nose to stop any bleeding, but back in Madrid on Wednesday tests proved he had indeed suffered a fracture. Mandzukic will miss games against Celta Vigo, Almeria, and Sevilla in the BBVA Primera Liga, but should hopefully have recovered for his side's home debut in this season's Champions League, when Sevilla entertain Juventus in the Vicente Calderon Stadium. Atletico do have options to cover for his absence in attack with recently signings, Raul Jimenez and Antoine Griezmann looking to cement their place in the side while Raul Garcia can also play in an attacking role. Atletico are not the only Spanish side to have suffered an injury in the Champions League this week. 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