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Created 2018-10-19
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Title buy Mixed Gas
Description Basic parameters Product Group:Industrial Gases model:Argon gas BrandZnanchem useManufacturing materials ExteriorCylinders purity:99.999% grade: Industrial Grade place of originCHINA-JIANGSU Molecular formulaAr+CO2 AliasWelding gases statusGas StandardISO/DOT/TPED Cylinder size2L-80L Working Pressure150bar,200bar Cylinder colorCustomized Product Description Items/UnitsMediumProportionTest results Purity , %%(v/v)Ar80%99.999% Purity , %%(v/v)CO220%99.999% Packing & Delivery Cylinder VoliumContentionValve TypePressureStandard color 50L10m³CGA580200BarGray 40L6m³CGA580150BarGray Because different countries have different requirements for gas cylinders and valves, we accept ISO, EN, JP, DOT, GB and other standards, please do not hesitate to tell us your needs. Other Gases PropaneIndustry AcetyleneOxygen(FRAME) We offer a wide range of propane, high quality, the price is competitive!We offer a wide range of acetylene, high quality, the price is competitive!We offer a wide range of oxygen, high quality, the price is competitive! NitrogenMixed GasSulfur Hexafluoride We offer a wide range of nitrogen, high quality, the price is competitive!We provide customers with a variety of mixed gases such as: a variety of industry standard gas, welding gas, laser gasWe offer a wide range of Sulfur Hexafluoride, high quality, the price is competitive! Our Company Safety Monitoring Center.Quality control.Filling workshop We have accumulated more than 20 million dollars for the safety of investment funds, which we must insist on doing the most important thing.Our quality control equipment includes Shimadzu mass spectrometer, halo water analyzer and other testing equipment.We currently produce 2 million bottles of industrial gas, including high purity gas, electronic gas, rare gas. Air separation plant.Acetylene plant.Hydrogen factory. We have 16 sets of air separation equipment in the country, 30,000 cubic meters / hour of gas capacity.We can produce an annual output of 1.8 million bottles of acetylene gas.We manufacture the electronic grade high purity hydrogen 99.9999%. FAQ 1. What's your product price? Because each gas price depends on your quantity and purity requirements, it is difficult to give a fixed price. If you are interested in some gases, please provide your details. I can offer you an offer. 2. What's the min order? Different products with different MOQ, please do not hesitate to tell us your needs 3. What's your payment term? 50% T/T deposit, 50% T/T against B/L copy or 100% Irrevocable L/C at sight 4. All the cylinders can recycle? Usually seamless steel cylinder can recycle to use in 30 years. The disposable cylinder is only for use one time.when you ordered our cylinders, next time, you can send back the cylinders to fill gas again. You just need to tell us before you export. We will handle all the import customs clearance formalities. Trading Information Whether to support a priceno Price settingSingle FOB range price FOB priceUSD:30~70 Piece MOQ100 Piece payment methodL/CD/AD/PT/TWestern UnionMoneyGramOther Description (1)to improve the wire deposition rate Compared with the traditional pure carbon dioxide, argon-enriched gas mixture usually leads to higher production efficiency. The argon content should exceed 85% to achieve jet transition. Of course, increasing the welding wire deposition rate requires the selection of suitable welding parameters. The welding effect is usually the result of multi-parameter interaction. The improper selection of welding parameters usually reduces the welding efficiency and increases the post-welding slag removal work. (2)Controlling the spatter and reducing the low ionization potential of the post-welding slag-laden argon gas to improve the arc stability and reduce the spatter accordingly. Recent welding power source technologies control the CO2 welding spatter, while under the same conditions, the use of gas mixtures further reduces spatter and extends the welding parameters window. (3)control weld formation, reduce over-welding CO2 weld tend to protrude outward, resulting in over-welding, welding costs increase. Argon gas mixture easy to control the weld forming, to avoid the wire Mixed Gas website:
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