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Created 2018-02-17
Owner gerni
Title Raees Movie Review And Car
Description A boy with humble beginnings creates an empire by smuggling contraband. All he has choosing him are his wits and insatiable ambition. He has a loyal sidekick, a brother, almost. As he grows powerful, he makes rivals. He wants to head a "syndicate" of other more-despicable smugglers. He bribes, kills, would go to jail, turns benevolent towards locals, and decides to perform for elections. Add tapped phones and kids who become eyes on the floor. Seem familiar? This is not the skeleton for Narcos, but Rahul Dholakia's Raees, a film that seems so remarkably inspired by it series on Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar that it's impossible to analyse it in isolation. Swap Medellin with Fatehpura (a village in Gujarat), cocaine with alcohol, and a trump card: Shah Rukh Khan as Raees, the Escobar of Gujarat.Watch Raees Full Movie 2017
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