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Created 2018-01-13
Owner Kranarn
Title The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Charm Jewelry
Description Do make sure that you think about your favorite things. pandora soldes Charms are all about you and your story, so don't be afraid to tell it. Focus on what you love and buy charms accordingly. If you love blue, make sure you include some blue glass beads. If you love animals, make sure you include a few of your favorites. Just be true to yourself.

Don't buy low-quality charms or bases. pandora charms pas cher A cheap bracelet or clasp system could make your whole piece fall apart. You want something that will last for ages. There are gold, silver, glass, and stone charm options that will make your heart soar. Whether you use a metal or leather cord base, you'll want to make sure that your little trinkets are safe and secure.

Don't be afraid to try new colors. pandora canada With all the enamel and glass shades available, it's fun to try out new hues. You don't want to get stuck in a fashion rut - be creative about combining colors. Because the amount of color on your charms is minimal in relation to your clothes, the color will not overwhelm or overpower your look. Color is your friend!

Do ask a fashionable friend for help. pandora disney pas cher If you're completely paralyzed about choosing the right mix of colors and metals, ask a friend for a second opinion. You may be over-thinking this a bit, so ask friends or family for advice on what will look good on you.
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