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Created 2018-01-06
Owner Ruiwen19
Title Forget Pandora Media, Sirius XM Holdings Inc
About me Next-gen radio companies [url=]pandora disney charms italia[/url] and Sirius XM (NASDAQ: SIRI) saw their stocks go in opposite directions over the past 12 months. Pandora, one of the top internet radio companies in the US, shed more than 60% of its market value. Yet Sirius XM, the country's leading satellite radio provider, rallied nearly 20%. Contrarian investors might be wondering if [url=]orecchini Vivienne Westwood[/url] can recover after that rout. Pandora might not be down for the count yet, but I think Sirius is still the better radio stock, for four simple reasons. Image source: Getty Images. Pandora had a first mover's advantage in the streaming radio market, but the industry is now crowded with tough competitors like Spotify, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Music, and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Music. All of these rivals have distinct advantages against Pandora. Spotify has a much larger base of subscribers than [url=]collezione disney pandora[/url], enabling it to rely on steady subscription revenues instead of volatile ad sales. Spotify also has a presence in 61 countries or regions, while Pandora only serves the US after exiting from Australia and New Zealand last year. Meanwhile, competitors like Apple and Amazon can afford to take losses on streaming music to expand their ecosystems. Apple tethers Apple Music users to its iTunes and iOS ecosystems, while Amazon Music locks users into Prime memberships. Sirius XM -- which was formed from the merger of [url=]collana vivienne westwood[/url], the two biggest satellite radio companies in the US -- doesn't face much competition with over 32 million subscribers. The only direct competition Sirius XM faces is from free AM/FM radio, which is arguably a softer opponent than streaming powerhouses like Spotify and Apple.
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