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Description Getting Your Home Ready For Spring Getting Your Home Ready For Spring April 3 , 2013 | Author: Jim Thorpe | Posted in Business If you’re sick of living in the same run-down shack you’ve lived in all your life, then this article is for you. Building your dream home is something that is within your capacity to do. Your house can finally come out of its hibernation period and breathe in the fresh, cool, clean spring air. In order to get your home ready for spring , there are a few things you can do. Many people get hung up on certain parts of the process, and let little things hinder them from reaching their goal. One of the main things people struggle with is the design process. One important thing to think about is the climate. Do you want to live somewhere dry, hot, wet , rainy, or snowy? At all costs, you want to avoid letting water get down into your basement or into the foundation of your house. 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