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Created 2017-05-23
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Richard Mille RM 052 skull watches fake.Throughout history, skulls are documented in many occasions and concepts, and skeletons are sometimes purely visual and sometimes related to religious and conception. Latin Americans regard it as a symbol of life; and Europeans will be linked with death, the skeleton of the image of the Europeans think of a short life and money of the time. Skeleton has always been a symbol of Western fashion industry, has a strong spirit of temperament, on behalf of the eternal yearning, and the pursuit of the ultimate. In the senior watch industry, many brands have launched a cool watch, and to their own brand of different temperament and the way of interpretation. In this particular period, to see such a watch, can not help but praise. Similar to the students, it is a strong sense of beauty.

Hublot table candy color embroidered skeleton

2015, Hublot table released the first Big Bang embroidery watch, and the Swiss watch industry's most authoritative fifteenth session of the Geneva Grand Prix (Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève) won the "best women's wrist Table award "(Ladies Best Watch). Big Bang embroidery watch "to needle painting", the gorgeous Eugen yarn embroidery into the watch design, dial for the skeleton pattern and inlaid 11 diamonds, while the bezel and strap is gentle and gentle vines pattern to collision The beauty of the rebellious interpretation of the sexy. At the same time, this is also a technical initiative, in the history of the watch for the first time the network embroidery material "into" carbon fiber, to create dial and carbon fiber bezel, R & D team after several months of painstaking

HUBLOT table Big Bang embroidery watch all black diamond

2016 years, Hublot table embroidery watch and then show Fanghua, launched two new limited edition watch series - Bit Bang embroidered candy skeleton watch (41 mm) and Big Bang embroidery watch (41 mm), continue to softly confident Female charm and cutting-edge innovation and technology perfect fusion, two are limited collection of 200. This is the Hublot table for the second consecutive year with Bischoff embroidery company, for the style of fashion women show the ultimate gorgeous Eugen yarn embroidery new watch masterpiece. The dial design eliminates the design principles of all traditional slim dials, and the designer drastically reduces the running thickness so that the pointer and embroidery do not touch each other.

HUBLOT table classic fusion Skull skeleton full drill limited edition watch

Turquoise green, sea soul blue, light pink, purple, bright yellow, orange-red, purple blue, and in the embroidery silk film into the colorful silk, shining out of the metal shiny ... Big Bang embroidery candy skeleton watch (41 Mm) inspired by the 2016 T station, skull graphics, dial 11 red spinel and strap vines pattern together to write a colorful beautiful Rhapsody. 41 mm diameter case of simple power for the watch more style: black ceramic bezel embedded 36 red spinel, steel bezel decorated with 36 pink Sapphire, and rose gold bezel with 36 blue Sapphire embellishment. Dial and bezel pavilions, inlaid 12 rare stones, ceramic mosaic red spinel, stainless steel inlaid pink sapphire, rose gold is inlaid blue sapphire.CORUM BUBBLE 47 FLYING TOURBILLON SKULL fake watch


HYT skeleton watch: the eyes will move the robot skeleton

HYT skeleton watch, eyes also have their own vitality. The right eye indicates the power storage of the watch. By using a series of translucent inserts with slightly different shades of color, the color of the right eye gradually fades as the 65-hour power storage of the watch tends to be depleted, while the left eye hides a continuous rotation Small seconds. Must be through the dial skeleton eyes to see the vitality of the watch and life - the letter is the heart of the spirit and vitality.

In the design of the two-story case, a delicate hive-like pattern to the eyes to provide the background, so that "eyes" more profound. Constantly running the movement for the skull to bring angry, into the soul. This is the history of the first watch: not you look at the time, but the time watching you.Hublot Classic Fusion SKULL fake watch

HYT skull table a total of two, limited edition. Fifty of them are made of DLC titanium, with green liquid; the other 25 are made of 5N rose gold and black DLC titanium, using red liquid.

Richard Mille: RM 52-01 "black and white Shuangsha" skull Tourbillon watch

RM 052 skull Tourbillon watch is the visual interpretation of the skeleton pattern, the movement of the bottom plate and plywood with titanium alloy skeleton shape system, the perfect fusion of the skeleton pattern in the movement. Bezel and case bottom cover are done hollow processing, that is, to reduce the overall weight of the watch, but also in line with the theme of the skeleton. Dial skull in the dial is very realistic, in the artistic performance is no less inferior to the jewelry design brand. In addition to the positive visual effects, this skull actually bear the watch part of the movement, the skull of the upper and lower jaw bone holding the tourbillon frame ruby, and the skeleton of the rear is designed for the movement of the central splint The Hollow floor and plywood are rigorously tested to ensure optimum strength fake watches


BELL & ROSS Skeleton watch: Bo Lai Shi's BR01 dial with a luminous skull. The BR01 was launched to commemorate the special and brave paratroopers of the American Airborne Division during World War II. Skeleton is one of the symbolic symbols of their death in the face of their uniforms.

Bomberg skeleton pocket watch, watch dual purpose: Bomberg is a young Swiss watch brand, in 2012 in the Swiss watch cradle Neuchâtel (Neuchâtel) was established, set bold and creative in one. Brand purpose is the pursuit of different, unique style in the watch design. Such as the unique skull design, and usually watch the dial has a more exaggerated personality pattern.Tonino Lamborghini Spyder 2000 watches copy




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